Tech Data's Global Code of Conduct provides a clear set of ethical and legal standards by which we do business. Our Code summarizes key elements of Company policies designed to ensure lawful and ethical conduct, and clearly sets the expectations for our job-related activities. Although the Code is our guide for appropriate conduct and is a resource to help you make the right decisions, it is not a substitute for exercising good judgment. When in doubt or when something does not seem right, you are expected to speak up and consult with your manager or with one of the other resources mentioned in this Code.

Download the local version of Code of Conduct:

Questions? Concerns?

Tech Data relies on your input to improve processes and solve problems quickly. You are encouraged to speak up when you need guidance, as well as when you see—or suspect—ethical or legal misconduct. The following resources are available to you when you have questions or concerns:

  • Your manager or any other member of management
  • An Ethics Advisor in your location
  • Human Resources
  • The Ethics and Compliance Organization
  • The Legal Department

Tech Data will promptly respond to concerns, thoroughly and fairly investigate all good faith reports and take appropriate action when necessary. You are in turn expected to participate in an investigation when asked. Every effort will be made to safeguard your privacy both during and after the investigation.

If you wish to report anonymously, you can do so through our Ethics Line, if anonymous reporting is allowed by the laws in your location. Keep in mind, however, that remaining anonymous may hinder Tech Data's ability to resolve your concerns if the investigator is unable to contact you for further information.

To access Tech Data's Ethics Line, where you can find options to report your concerns over the phone or on the web, please visit